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Healing Art Wellness Center

A place where wellness is the result of wholistic health practices. Conditions such as high blood pressure, weight loss, digestive disorders and many others are treated with a wholistic approach.

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In the Heart of Lithonia, GA

Come visit the Healing Art Wellness Center for a free spiritual seminar or to receive the finest in Wholistic Wellness Care.

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Healing Art Healing Home

Conveniently located in Lithonia, GA this is a unique gathering center for spiritual retreats, conferences and other very special events.

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The Perfect Place

Perfect for spiritual retreats, wedding dinners, family reunions, networking events and serves as an author’s haven or entertainer hideaway.

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Mini Tour-Healing Home

This fabulous retreat center sleeps 10 comfortably and sets at the foot hills of the Arabia Mountain trails. Enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating spiritual experience.

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Love and Peace

We all need help when we want to make lifestyle changes, at the Healing Art Wellness Center you will get the services and coaching you need to be successful.

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What We Do At Healing Art Wellness Center

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The Wholistic Approach

We take a wholistic approach to disorders such as high blood pressure, digestive disorders, cholesterol and many more with the Art of IRIDOLOGY. Read More...

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Weight Loss

Isn't it time you tried something new. No diets, just nutritional education, herbs coupled with breathing and stretching. This may be the solution you have been looking for. Read More...

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Foot Detox Bath

Detoxification of the body system through the feet is a warm, relaxing and refreshing experience. While relaxed the Detox Foot Bath can safely remove the waste stored within the body. Read More...

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Disease is the result of stress, malnutrition and toxins in the body. Learn how to safely detox your body with the help and advice of Dr. Nancy J. Williams, our Wholistic Doctor. Read More...

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New Spiritual Teaching

Join Dr. Nancy J. Williams as she goes "Behind The Veil" to address the needs of your Spirit to commune with God. Her transformational teachings will take you to a place where God can personally impart the wisdom and instruction you need to bring in to fruition the highest good that He destines for your life. Read More...

Open Tuesday - Saturday